| LSAT Test Prep

A logical step if law school is in your future.

For aspiring lawyers, high scores on the LSAT exam are essential. This exam is somewhat unique, because it doesn’t require specific background knowledge or subject matter expertise. However, it does require you to think critically, understand complex reading material, and use logical reasoning skills. These are all abilities that you’ve developed throughout your undergrad career, but some may need a little more practice to get to a level that will earn you a high score on the LSAT.

Using practice tests and authentic materials, our expert tutors will work with you to become familiar with the format of the test. You’ll discover the types of questions you’ll encounter on the test and learn strategies for approaching them. We’ll also help you to start thinking like a lawyer and LSAT test writer, and you’ll become more confident in reaching the correct answers to these tricky questions. In addition, we’ll focus on time-management skills and help you get comfortable with the high-pressure, time-limited conditions you’ll experience on test day. We can also provide expert essay writing practice for the at-home essay portion of the LSAT.

We offer most of our LSAT prep sessions one-on-one, either in-person or online. However, we are also happy to arrange small-group sessions and packages for several interested law school applicants who wish to study and prepare together! For more information or to arrange your first session, please call or text us as (732) 412-1416.