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Beyond Academics: Comprehensive Student Support

At Foley Prep, we recognize that academic achievement isn’t solely determined by the rigor of the coursework. Often, students face hurdles beyond the classroom curriculum that can impede their success. Our Foley Prep Pro team of expert tutors are not only proficient in academic instruction but also skilled in addressing the broader spectrum of challenges students encounter. We offer dedicated support for students grappling with essential skills like effective time management, strategic planning, proficient study habits, and overcoming test-taking anxiety. Our approach is to empower students with the tools they need to excel both academically and in their daily school life, ensuring a well-rounded path to success.

The Foley Mentor Program: Fostering Long-Term Academic Relationships

We go beyond traditional tutoring by introducing the Foley Mentor Program – a unique initiative designed to cultivate enduring educational partnerships. This program pairs students, ideally beginning in their 8th grade or freshman year of high school, with one of our top tutors. Our aim is to develop a years-long relationship that transcends typical tutoring sessions.

The Foley Prep Mentor Program is more than just academic guidance; it’s a journey of mutual growth and learning. Our mentors work closely with students throughout their late middle school and high school years, providing consistent support, personalized learning strategies, and academic coaching tailored to each student’s evolving needs. This long-term engagement allows mentors to deeply understand their students’ learning styles, challenges, and aspirations, leading to more effective and impactful guidance.

By fostering this continuous mentor-student relationship, we ensure a stable, nurturing educational environment that not only enhances academic performance but also instills confidence, encourages intellectual curiosity, and prepares students for the challenges of higher education and beyond.

Foley Tutor working with Student

Roadmap for Grade Level

8th Grade - Foundation Building

Starting strong, we introduce students to the foundational skills necessary for high school success including, but not limited to, goal setting, understanding learning styles, and beginning to explore academic and extracurricular interests.

9th Grade - Academic Exploration

Diving into high school life, students start to encountering deeper, more challenging academic content while simultaneously enhancing and developing study habits. We also emphasize the importance of time management and starting to think about their future academic path.

10th Grade - Skills Development

A critical year for students, we focus on advancing study techniques, test-taking strategies, and stress management, preparing students for the upcoming challenges of upper-level courses and standardized tests.

11th Grade - College Prep and Leadership

As college looms on the horizon, students engage in SAT/ACT prep, college essay writing workshops, and leadership opportunities to bolster college applications. We also guide students through the college selection process.

12th Grade - Transition and Application

In their final year, students focus on completing college applications, securing financial aid, and scholarships. We provide support for the critical decision-making processes and transition to the independence of college life.


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