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Getting your Student Ready for the Delbarton Entrance Exam!

For students aiming to enroll at the distinguished Delbarton School, excelling in the Delbarton entrance exam is a necessity. Designed to evaluate a student's aptitude for learning, this exam tests verbal, quantitative, cognitive, and reading comprehension skills. These skills, though developed throughout a student's educational journey, may need additional honing to ensure a top performance on the Delbarton entrance exam. We have gathered years of feedback from students to craft 8 mock tests (8 more than any other tutoring company) that closely resemble the actual exam, resulting in students feeling very well-prepared on exam day.

Using personally targeted lessons, classwork, and practice tests, our expert tutors will assist your child in understanding the specifics of the exam, so he becomes familiar with the types of questions he will face and learn effective strategies for answering them. We will also help your child to think like a real Delbarton scholar: increasing his confidence in providing the correct answers to challenging questions. Furthermore, we will focus on enhancing your child's time-management skills, preparing him for the time-constrained and stressful environment of the actual exam day.

We provide most of our Delbarton exam preparation sessions one-on-one, either in-person or online. However, we're also happy to provide you with small-group sessions and packages for several prospective Delbarton students who wish to study and prepare together. For more information or to arrange your first session, please call or text us as (732) 412-1416.

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