| Academic Tutoring

Foley Prep specializes in providing comprehensive academic support and executive function skill development for middle school students. Our experienced tutors have a proven track record of helping students prepare for entrance exams such as the SSAT, MCVSD, and school-specific exams like Delbarton, Trinity Hall Prep, and Christian Brothers Academy.

Our approach is based on Professor Foley's doctoral research on how students develop basic algebraic and other mathematical skills. Whether your child needs help mastering a specific subject or skill, or needs support in developing cognitive processes that impact organization, short-term memory, long-term planning, and other vital study skills, we offer both 1-on-1 and semi-private tutoring sessions.

Our dedicated tutors are experts at working with both gifted and struggling middle schoolers, and are committed to providing personalized support to enrich students’ academic experience and develop their executive function. Let us help your child achieve academic success and prepare for future success beyond middle school!

Academic tutoring areas include:
  • ✓ Reading
  • ✓ Vocabulary enrichment
  • ✓ Writing
  • ✓ Math
  • ✓ Science
Executive function coaching areas include:
  • ✓ Time-management
  • ✓ Note-taking strategies
  • ✓ Study habits & skills
  • ✓ Assignment & class content organization

Many families tell us that their child “does well in school, but isn’t a very good test-taker”. That may well be true, but grade inflation might also be the culprit. Teachers today are disinclined to challenge truly gifted students, and many are afraid to give bad grades. So, students at various tracks can get the false impression that they are very good at a subject. The wake-up call comes when they take a PSAT, SAT®, or ACT® and score lower than they expected.

Foley Prep Pros who tutor academic subjects know not only the subject matter, but also local curricula. They inspire teenagers to truly understand and enjoy the material, not just memorize facts. As a result, Foley Prep students get better grades and do better at comprehensive and standardized exams. Our tutors range from full-time, salaried Foley Pros to faculty at colleges and high schools.

We primarily offer small group and 1-on-1 tutoring in-person at all our locations in New Jersey. For the past 15 years, we have also tutored students online in far-away places such as Hawaii and Italy.

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, History, Mathematics, Physics. You name it, we probably have a Foley Prep Pro who can help. Specific subjects we tutor include:

  • ✓ Algebra
  • ✓ Biology
  • ✓ Pre-Calculus & Calculus
  • ✓ Chemistry
  • ✓ Computer Science
  • ✓ Economics
  • ✓ English Composition & Grammar
  • ✓ Environmental Science
  • ✓ Geometry
  • ✓ Literature
  • ✓ Physics
  • ✓ Reading comprehension & Analysis
  • ✓ Statistics
  • ✓ Music Theory
  • ✓ Macroeconomics, Microeconomics
  • ✓ Calculus AB/BC
  • ✓ Computer Science A/Principles
  • ✓ French/Spanish Language and Culture
  • ✓ We also offer a wide range of AP Classes

Approximately 70% of the faculty members at Foley Prep possess a Master's Degree or a higher academic qualification, so we’re more than a little familiar with the demands of college in the 21st century and all the stress that can come with it. Comprehending your course materials and earning high grades are just a few pieces of the puzzle. Many students also struggle with prioritizing their assignments, managing their time, and planning their long-term projects. Whatever problems you’re encountering along your college journey – we’ve been there, and we can help.

Foley Prep Pros meet college students online and in-person at our locations in New Jersey. We can help with many college-level courses, as well as study skills and time-management techniques. Please get in touch before the stress becomes too much – we are here to help!

Courses we tutor:

  • ✓ Biochemistry
  • ✓ Biology
  • ✓ Chemistry
  • ✓ Organic Chemistry
  • ✓ Computer Science
  • ✓ English composition
  • ✓ English Literature and Writing
  • ✓ Literature
  • ✓ History
  • ✓ US and World History, Civics, and Law
  • ✓ Mathematics
  • ✓ Physics
  • ✓ Statistics
  • ✓ Mathematics
  • ✓ Computer Science

Contact us to make a plan now!

Would you like to swing by for a visit? Please call or write us to book an appointment: if you just drop by, chances are we’re teaching or tutoring. Most people start by registering for a diagnostic SAT® or ACT®. We have them every Saturday and Sunday at all of our hubs. After taking the test, every family gets a free 20 minute consultation to devise a prep plan.