We Deliver Results!


On May 16, 2019, we completed a thorough study on the effectiveness of our program. The results are THRILLING!

Study Methodology

The following criteria were used to select a sample of 224 students for Foley Prep's SAT® study.

  • Students who took at least three full-length practice tests under officially-timed conditions OR students did two programs worth of prep at Foley Prep but only took two practice tests.
  • Students who completed one of the following Foley Prep programs:
    • 30 Day unlimited Package
    • Summer Blitz Pass
    • 10 Small-Group Session Package
    • Silver Package
    • Gold Package
    • 10 Hour Tutoring Package
  • Students were not active during the months of March and April 2019 (this is when the data were collected).

The increase in score due to Foley Prep's program was calculated by taking the difference between the lowest score and highest score received on a practice test at Foley Prep. Official College Board released tests were administered under officially-timed conditions at a Foley Prep hub. This method results in a lower number than if we were to start with a student's PSAT as a baseline … we believe it is more fair to compare a student's performance on an SAT® taken later than the PSAT, which is generally lower.

The resulting sample size of 224 qualifying students had an average score increase of 149.9 points (standard deviation 69.8 within a possible SAT® score range of 400-1600). A 1-sample confidence interval was constructed using a 5% significance level (95% confidence). The confidence interval bounds were 140.7 to 159.1 (149.9 ± 9.2).


Foley Prep does not in any way guarantee results on exams, grades, or admissions outcomes.