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🌐 Embracing the Present: The Digital SAT® Era Begins! 🌐

🌸 Spring Update: The landmark transition to the Digital SAT® has officially commenced! At Foley Prep, we're not just reacting; we've been proactively preparing to lead our students through this significant evolution in standardized testing. With the Digital SAT® now a reality, we're thrilled to support our students in mastering this new testing landscape. Our dedicated team has crafted an exclusive collection of 5 in-house SAT® tests (and counting!), meticulously designed to reflect the intricacies and advantages of the digital format. These resources are a testament to our commitment to provide our students with unparalleled support, ensuring they approach the SAT® with confidence and excellence. 🚀

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If you're navigating the educational journey for your child, look no further. From academic tutoring to high school entrance exam prep, SAT®/ACT® preparation, college essay advice, and even graduate exam coaching, you've found the right partner in education. We recognize the uniqueness of each student's path and are dedicated to offering personalized guidance every step of the way. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all methods; our bespoke plans are here to secure your child's academic success. Don't delay - become part of the Foley Prep family today and embark on a path to a brighter future!

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